Monday, May 20, 2013

You Are Under The Spell of Ka-Bala, The Mystic One

     The moment is tense as you place your hands on the mysterious board.  Yes, Ka-Bala sees all and tells all.  Armed with the secrets of your future, the ever searching eye of Zohar watches your every move as you take a deep breath and ask your question.  With the all-seeing knowledge of Ka-Bala you are mere seconds away from learning your destiny.  And you want to know....if you'll ever pitch a winning game? Even though Ka-Bala considers that a bullshit question, he answers you anyway.   
     Your partner, however, decides to ask a better (if not hopelessly vague) question: "What will my future be?"  The 'taro' card spells it out plain as day: "A happy marriage with children--material wealth!"  Your partner lets out an uncontrollable  "Whee!"
     Isn't messing with unknown mystical forces fun?

     If Ka-Bala is truly as all-seeing and all-knowing as advertised, why didn't he tell Madonna to stay away from Shanghai Surprise?

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